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The basket has an 11" X 6 1/2" filled base and is 6" tall.  5/8" braided seagrass is used as weavers.(Beginner) Retail: 3.00

Susan in the Pines


Tall Pines

The base measures 13" X 5 1/2" and the basket has a height of 13".  It features pine trees around the basket as "tall accents".
IntermediateRetail: $3.00

Tea Bags Full Tea Bags Full.jpg (17354 bytes)

The base is 3" X 8" and the height is 3" without the handle. Tea bags line up in this nicely. It uses our 3 X 10 Country-D handle.
(Beginner) Retail: $3.00

Teacher's Pet Teacher's Pet.JPG (69437 bytes)

The base measures 3 1/2" X 2" and it stands 2 1/4" without the wire handle.  Use a mini apple wire handle on the back and paint your apple for the teacher on the front ash strip.
Beginner/IntermediateRetail: $2.50

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The Buckets

Five patterns in one. Base is 6 3/4" diameter for all five. Height is 5 1/2". Our ceramic & wire bean pot handle is attached at eyes. Side weaving directions are given for: (1) Stars & Stripes, (2) Southwest, (3) Cow, (4) School Marm, and (5) Perfumes & Colognes.
(Beginner/Intermediate) Retail: $3.50

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The Tubs

Five patterns in one. The base is 6 3/4" in diameter for all five. The height is 5" or 5 1/2". Two of our large size ceramic & wire handles are attached at the rim on opposite sides of the basket. The basket flares out with a top diameter of 8 1/2". Side weaving directions are given for (1) Stars & Stripes, (2) Southwest, (3) Cow, (4) School Marm, and (5) Perfumes & Colognes. (Beginner/Intermediate) Retail: $3.50

Tiny Cabin in the Pines


Tiny Tub


Toilet Tissue in the Pines Toilet Tissue in the Pines.jpg (258775 bytes)


Totally Square

The base is 7" X 7" and the height is 8". This basket uses our #3 Big Spool handle.
(Intermediate) Retail: $3.00

Tote o' Wine in the Pines


Trinkets and Things Trinkets and Things.jpg (268449 bytes)




Under the Stars


Up North Letter Keeper Up North Letter Keeper & Pencil Holder.jpg (142366 bytes)


Up North Peg and Key


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Wheels Go 'Round


Wynter Time



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