2006 Basket Classes "Under The Canopy"

Class Basket Date, Description & Fee (includes materials & instruction)
Mayflower Market
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Thursday, July 6

The base on this basket is 10" X 8".   This basket uses an 8" X 12" oak D handle. Flowers are placed around the basket.  Color choices for the flowers will be offered. A great basket for a centerpiece, to use in the bathroom to hold towels or in the living room to hold books or magazines.


Fee: 26.00

Countertop Organizer
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Monday, July 10

You will weave three square baskets, one with a handle. The base of each of the three baskets is 6" X 6".  The total base measures 19" X 6". Learn to connect and lash all three sections together. An arrow weave accent is around each section. Color choices will be offered.   Your countertop will look a lot neater with this basket as a helper!


Fee: 36.00

Toilet Tissue in the Pines
Toilet Tissue in the Pines.jpg (258775 bytes)
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Thursday, July 13

The base measures 5" X 5" which becomes the top of the basket.   This basket features Ronda's signature reed pine trees and to top it off a wooden pine tree knob will be screwed to the basket. What better way to hide that extra roll of toilet paper!


Fee: 17.00

Rolling Pin Kitchen Baskets
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Monday, July 17

You will weave two baskets in this class. The base on the rectangular basket measures 9" X 3 1/2" and the tall, square basket has a base measurement of 4" X 4". These two baskets will make a cute and functional addition to your kitchen! Use the long one for napkins or condiments and the tall one for utensils. 


Fee: 30.00

Cabin 'n Moose in the Pines
Cabin 'n Moose in the Pines.jpg (454361 bytes)
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Thursday, July 20

The base measurement on this basket is 14" X 6 1/2" and it stands 10" tall. Ten of Ronda's signature reed pine trees surround the basket. A decorative weave with cane called the four-ply is woven above and below the trees. A rusty cabin and moon are wired to one side. A rusty moose is wired on the other side. Use this basket for magazines/newspapers beside a comfortable chair or for kindling beside a fireplace.


Fee: 38.00

Spindle Spin Susan
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Monday, July 24

This basket is 12" in diameter. It uses our original "spindle spin susan base" with four dividers and a lathe-turned oak spindle for a handle. A decorative weave called the four-ply will be learned in this class. Place this basket in the center of your kitchen or dining room table to keep condiments, napkins, and flatware within easy reach for everyone at the table---just give it a spin!


Fee: 48.00

Make-Up Day --

Make any of the class baskets from above.
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Thursday, July 27

This is the day to play "catch-up"!! If you were unable to attend a class because of a conflict, you can sign up for that missed class that you really wished you could have taken! We may have 6 different baskets being created that day! This always turns out to be a really exciting class!

New this summer:

There will be a 10% discount on extra kits for the class baskets, if you order the kits on the day of the class.  Kits would be ready for pick-up within a week after the class.

Classes are for adults only and start at 9:00 a.m., rain or shine.  This time is one hour later than in recent years.  Wear layers, because we often start the class “cool” and end up “warm”!  You might wish to bring insect repellent, since we are outdoors.  Bring your tools: shears or scissors, tape measure, basket tool (or screwdriver), needle-nosed pliers, and clothespins.  Bring a plastic bag to put your stained basket in.  Feel free to bring a drink and/or a little snack, since class usually runs through the noon hour.  If you are unable to attend a specific class on the regular date, we will be happy to schedule a special class for four or more people.

Call 218-682-3277 or email ronda@theloftbaskets.com .   Because of the computer being used during the day for business, please call between 8 and 10 A.M., when the computer will be offline.

Weavingly yours,

and don't forget....

August 5 & 6 -- Sat. & Sun. 1-5 P.M.
9th Annual Basket Boutique
Also at the "Boutique"...
New This Year -- Primitive Wooden Folk Art

"The Gallery", where we will sell the baskets and wooden folk art that we have made during the summer  and "The Store", where we will sell our original patterns, unique handles, bases, and other supplies needed to make our baskets, will both be open.


Directions to the Brugh Cabin:

From Hackensack - Drive East on County Rd. 5 for approximately 7 1/2 miles.  Turn right on County Rd. 11 at Mcguire's Inn.  We are 1.3 miles on the right (815 County 11)

From Longville - Drive South on Highway 84 to Mule Lake Store.  Turn right onto County 11 (Woman Lake Road).  We are 2.5 miles on the left (815 County 11).


A little bit about us – We have been weaving for over 21 years and have taught classes for 20 years.  Ronda has been a teacher at the Indiana Basketmakers Convention, the Missouri Basketmakers Convention, the Kentucky State Convention, and workshops in Kentucky and Missouri. She has just been accepted to teach at the North Carolina State Convention in March, 2007.  We have taught classes under the canopy on IXL Lake since 1994.  Ronda is a retired 1st Grade teacher and Jim teaches high school German.  We have 5 children and have been deeply involved with soccer for over 30 years!   We enjoy our summers Up North and look forward to the excitement of the basket classes.  If you have never made a basket, do come and join us.  You leave class with a finished basket!


We will sell baskets and wooden folk art at the following events:
5th Annual Turtle Town Art Fair, Longville - June 24, from 9 - 4.
The Sacred Heart Church Flea Market
, Hackensack - July 12 & August 9, from 8 - closing.
9th Annual Basket Boutique, Brugh Cabin - August 5 & 6, from 1 - 5.