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Inserts, Lids, and "Handle Dangles"

Inserts,Lids,Dangles.JPG (45004 bytes)

Pictured above are the "Tree" and "Pumpkin" Inserts, "Wooden Lid with Watermelon Knob", and the "Stars & Stripes" and "Snowman" Handle Dangles.

A free pattern is included with the following Inserts:

Wooden Tree Insert  5" from rim to top $6.00
Wooden Pumpkin Insert  4" from rim to top $6.00
Wooden Jack-O-Lantern Insert  4" from rim to top $6.00

Wooden Lids 5 3/4" dia. (for our "Snack Basket" pattern)

Wooden Lid with Tree Knob $7.50
Wooden Lid with Snowman Knob $7.50
Wooden Lid with Apple Knob $7.50
Wooden Lid with Watermelon Knob $7.50
Wooden Lid with Birdhouse Knob $7.50

Handle Dangles (painted and wired wooden figures to dangle from basket handle)

Star in navy, red, white, or gold  3 3/4" tall $4.50
Stars & Stripes Heart  2 1/2" tall


Snowman  6" tall $4.50
Pine Tree (plain, snow, or decorated snow)  6" tall $4.50
Gingerbread Boy  6" tall $4.50
School Slate  4 1/2" tall $4.50


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