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Homespun-D Handles (painted wooden figures wired to the D-Handle and accented with rag ties)

Homespun-D.JPG (40464 bytes)

Example pictured is the 10 X 14 "Schoolhouse & Apples".

With the purchase of any of the following "Homespun-D" handles a free pattern with xerox photo is given using that particular size of handle.

10 X 14 House & Heart (blue or green house) $12.50
10 X 14 Schoolhouse & Apples $12.50
8 X 12 Stars (one each of red, white, and blue) $8.75
8 X 12 Hearts (red, mauve, or blue) $8.25
8 X 12 School Blocks $9.50
8 X 12 Snowman & Trees $9.50
8 X 12 Spools $5.25
8 X 12 Birdhouses $10.50


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