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Click on a pattern name to view the picture, a short description, and the pattern price.  You may take 1/2 off the listed price of the patterns with red numbers until the supply is gone.

1. Always-on-the-Go Tote.

2. Applelutely

3. Apples & Cinnamon Collection

4. Audra's Tote

5.Aunt Nellie's Sewin' Basket

6.Baxter Bunny's Heart-Shaped Wheelbarrow

6 a. Big Smokey

7.Black Bear In The Pines

8.Bread Basket with Leather Ears

9.Bread, Cracker, Muffin

10.Buckle My Moose

11.Buckle My Snowman

12.Bunny Basket

12 a. Cabin 'n Moose in the Pines

13.Calico Bow

14.Campfire Buddy/Little Buddy

15.Candy Cane Basket

16.Casserole Basket

16 a. Cattail Secrets

17.Christmas Card Basket

18.Christmas Wishes Basket

18 a. Classy Hen

18 b. Cookies

19.Countertop Organizer

19 a. Daisy May

19 b. Dessert Napkin

20.Easter In The Grass

21.For The Love Of Pines

21 a. For The Love of Spring

21 b. Friendship

22.Gift Basket

23.Handy Oval with Lid

24.Have A Heart

25Hex Handle Handy

26.Homemade Bread

27.Hoosier Favorite

27 a. Hopeful

28.How Tweet It Is

28 a. iPod, iPad, iPhone

29.Jan’s Hamper

30.Liberty Market

31.Little Buddy

31 a. Little Cabin & Bear in the Pines

32.Little Catch-All

33.Log Cabin Organizer

34.Lookin’ Sharp

35.Loon On The Lake

36.Man’s Dresser Top Basket a.k.a. "Canoe Dig It?"

37.Master Snow in the Pines

38.Mended Heart Basket

39.Moose in the Pines

40.Mountain Swing Social

41.My "Country" Basket

41 a. My Fall Tote

41 b. My Spring Tote

41 c. Newspapers & Magazines

42.Noah's Basket


44.Northwoods Pleasure

44 a. Organizer Buddy

45.Pay These Bills

45 a. Peanuts Basket

46.Pen & Pencil

46 a. Pen/Pencil Grab

46 b. Picnic Helper

47.Pine Cone Cathead

48.Plaid Candy Cane

49.Plaid Odds & Ends Tote

50.Pocket Of Treasure

51.Rags to Riches

51 a. Ragtime Country Angel

52.Ragtime Diamonds

52 a. Ragtime Footed Storage

52 b. Ragtime Lidded Storage

53.Ragtime Oval

53 a. Ragtime Plaid Pouch

53 b. Ragtime Primitive Crow

53 c. Ragtime 'Round We Go

54.Red Hat Society Shopper


56.Rolling Pin Kitchen Baskets

57.Ronda’s Plaid Tote

58.'Round We Go

59.Rusty Birdhouses

59 a. Saddlebags

59 b. Sierra Skye

60.Simply Twill Be Organized

61.Snack Basket

61 a. Spindle Spin Susan

62.Spring Bucket

63.Spring Has Spring

64.Stars and Stripes on Legs

64 a. Stash the Trash

65.Step Right Up

66.Store It Here

66 a. Susan in the Pines

67.Tall Pines

68.Tea Bags Full

69.Teacher’s Pet

70.The Bagel Basket

71.The “Buckets"

72.The Fancy Bucket

73. The Lazy Susan

74.The Little Tote

75.The “Tubs"

75 a. Tiny Cabin in the Pines

75 b. Tiny Tub

76.Toilet Tissue in the Pines

77.Totally Square

77 a. Tote o' Wine in the Pines

78.Trinkets & Things Basket

78 a. Undecided

78 b. Under the Stars

79.Up North Letter Keeper

80.Up North Peg/Key

81.Warm Thy Bread

82. Wheels Go 'Round

83. Wynter Time



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