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New Items!

A new Spindle Base has been added to our collection.
We are the inventors of these unique, copyrighted bases.

Spindle Base, 9 inch.jpg (338996 bytes)

9" Spindle Base

$17.50 each

$21.95 each with
Lazy Susan components.

See our "Spindle Base" page for our other choices.

Sierra Skye
This basket is great for organizing.  Use for napkins, flatware, and condiments.   It can help keep remotes and TV Guides in one spot.  Store notepads, envelopes, and the stapler on your desk.  This basket certainly has many uses.

Pattern: 3.50

Sierra Skye.jpg (756344 bytes)

Organizer Buddy
This basket was designed to use up all those 1/4 flat dyed scraps!  The basket will become an "organizer buddy" for your desk, countertop, bathroom, or at a picnic......very very useful!

Pattern: 4.00

Organizer Buddy_New.jpg (258716 bytes)

Tote o' Wine in the Pines
Here is the newest creation of the " the Pines" series.  Ronda is the creator of the reed pine tree and she has many more patterns available in this series.
This basket makes a great way to carry a "Tote o' Wine in the Pines"!   Another useful idea is to hold legal-sized envelopes standing on end.  You can also set it in your kitchen to hold utensils.  The basket has a woven "figure-8" reed divider.  I have found that, if I weave more loosely, this basket can become a "Tote o' Liters in the Pines", holding two 2-liter bottles of your favorite soft drink! --- Pattern: 4.00    Braided leather handle: 3.25

Tote o' Wine in the Pines.jpg (109140 bytes)

Ragtime Footed Storage
Whatever its use - for books, magazines, cookbooks, or to display rolled up towels in the bathroom - this basket provides a distinctive country look to your home.  This basket is the newest design in the "Ragtime" series.  Ronda invented the idea of ragtime (torn fabric) lashing.  In this design, fabric is used for ti-twining, which is similar to lashing.  
Pattern: 4.00     Shaker Tape Handles: 1.25
2 drilled rusty stars with wire: 1.50     Footed base: 9.25   

Ragtime Footed Storage.jpg (582667 bytes)

This basket looks fantastic with a collection of cookbooks inside. It's also great for displaying a bunch of apples and other fruit as a centerpiece.  Two bands of 4-ply weaving accent this basket.

Pattern: 4.00
Footed Base: 10.50

Apple Spool Handles: 5.30
Apple w/ Fabric: 4.00

Original Stoneware Tie-Ons
Basket Tie-Ons:
These stoneware originals will add the perfect finishing touch.  The Canoe is perfect for the outdoor enthusiast and looks great with the Northwoods decor.  Dog lovers will enjoy our Dog Bone with a paw print accent. 

Canoe_Tie-On.jpg (52625 bytes) Basket Tie-On

Canoe (3 1/2" long)

Retail Price: 3.95

sep1017.jpg (25475 bytes) Basket Tie-On

Dog Bone (3 1/2" long)

Retail Price: 4.25


  You won't want to miss these new items!

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