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Basket Buckles™ and
Basket Buttons™
Due to our vendor retiring from the kiln, many/most of the pictured Buckles and Buttons are sold out.  You may inquire by email as to their availability. 

As of February 29, 2020 these are what we still have:

We have no buttons.
We have the following buckles:

Those buckles that are not pictured below are designated with an *.

Country Angel 4.95
Americana Star 4.95
 Medium Apple 3.80
Santas 4.95
 Stockings 4.40
Sailboat 4.40
*Primitive Crow 4.40
*Chili Pepper 4.95
*Red Mitten 4.40
*Penguin 4.95
Snowman w/Hat 4.95

The Basket Buckles™ and Basket Buttons™ are pictured below with the prices following the pictures. Please click on the pictures for a larger view. Thanks!! Ronda & Jim

The Basket Buckles™ and Basket Buttons™
are pictured alphabetically from left to right
corresponding to the pricelist
following the pictures. 
For size reference --
The Americana Star is 3 1/4" X 3 1/4". 
You may guage the relative size of the
other Buckles.

Click on the Photo for a larger view.

Buckles Group1.jpg (143685 bytes)
Buckles Group2.jpg (140685 bytes)
Buckles Group3.jpg (150483 bytes)
Buckles Group4.jpg (125394 bytes)

Basket Buttons™ are pictured below. 
Please click on the picture for a larger view.
For size reference --
The Americana Heart is
approximately 1 1/8" wide". 
You may guage the relative size of the
other Buttons.

Basket Buttons.jpg (96263 bytes)

Basket Buckles™ (and prices)

Americana star 4.95
Apple 3.80
Apple Slice 4.40
Belted Galloway cow 4.95
Black bear 4.40
Blue Sponge Heart 3.80
Blueberry Muffin 4.95
Bluebird 4.40
Bluebird (primitive) 3.80
Cabin 4.40
Canada goose 4.40
Candy corn 3.80
Cardinal 4.95
Carrot 3.80
Carrot seeds 4.95
Chickadee 4.95
Chicken 4.95
Chili Pepper 4.95
Christmas tree 4.95
Country angel 4.95
Country bunny 4.40
Country star 3.15
Easter egg 4.40
Elephant 1.60
Flop-eared bunny 4.40
Ghost 3.80
Gingerbread man 4.40
Harvest Corn 4.95
Holly Reindeer 4.40
House 4.40
Hyacinth Heart 4.95
Ladybug 3.15
Large heart (stoneware) 3.15
Large heart (stoneware) 3.15
Lighthouse 4.95
Loon 4.95
Loon (stoneware) 4.95
Maple Leaf Brown 4.40
Maple Leaf Green 4.40
Mitten 4.95
Moose 3.80
Noah’s ark 4.40
Patchwork heart 4.40
Pea seeds 4.95
Primitive Heart 3.15
Pumpkin 3.80
Ragged Robin Heart 4.95
Rainbow trout 4.95
Rectangle pines 4.95
Red Hat 4.95
Red Hat Snowlady 4.95
Reindeer 4.40
Sailboat (navy or green) 4.40
Santa 4.95
Scarecrow 4.95
Shamrock 3.15
Sheep 4.40
Silly Snowman 4.40
Sitting cat 4.40
Sitting dog 4.40
Snowman (w/hat) 4.95
Snowman (primitive) 4.40
Stocking 4.40
Sunflower 4.40
Teddy Bear 4.40
Thread 3.80
Turkey 4.40
Turtle 4.40

Basket Buttons™
2.50 ea.

Americana heart
Black bear
Candy corn
Country heart
Country star
Easter egg
Gingerbread boy
Hatless snowman
Snowman w/hat
Watermelon wedge

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