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Hex Handle Handy Hex Handles Handy.jpg (143072 bytes)


Homemade Bread

Base is 6" X 12" and the basket is 4 1/2" tall.
(Intermediate) Retail: $3.00

Hoosier Favorite

Base is round with a 10" diameter and height is 8". Uses poplar "sponged" with acrylic paint to match the two large ceramic and wire handles in sponge design.
(Intermediate/Advanced) Retail: $3.00



How Tweet It Is

 Base is 8" X 8". It uses our 8 X 12 Homespun-D handle with birdhouses. Grapevine is suggested as a rim filler and also as two rows of weavers.
(Beginner/Intermediate) Retail: $3.00

iPod, iPad, iPhone



Jan's Hamper

Base is 10 ½" X 10 ½" and the height is 26". Instructions for a woven lid are included.
(Intermediate) Retail: $3.00

Liberty Market Liberty Market.jpg (133259 bytes)


Little Cabin and Bear in the Pines


Little Catch-All

Base is 4" X 8" and height is 3 1/2". Weavers are 1/4 dyed and natural. A 1" poplar weaver can be stenciled on later. Two medium ceramic and wire handles are attached at each end. (Beginner/Intermediate) Retail: $2.50

Log Cabin Organizer Log Cabin Organizer.jpg (120336 bytes)


Lookin' Sharp Lookin' Sharp picture.JPG (72748 bytes)

The basket has an 8" X 8" base and is 6" tall (w/o handle).  It uses an 8 X 12 sharp top D-handle that is wrapped with a braided accent on the top.  Eighteen little bows are added all around the basket.(Intermediate) Retail: 3.00

Loon on the Lake Loon on the Lake for emailing.jpg (133480 bytes)

The base measures 13 1/2" X 5 1/2" with a height of 10 1/2" without the handle.  You may use a notched handle or a pegged swing handle.  Accents include a Loon Basket Buckle™, a Rusty Moon, and wooden pine tree.  Directions are also given for Canada Goose On The Lake.
IntermediateRetail: $3.50

Man's Dressertop Basket a.k.a. "Canoe Dig It?" Man's Dresser Top.jpg (22927 bytes)

A cool place to drop man’s pocket contents at the end of a long day! This basket uses our 8 X 12 Country-D© with canoe and fish. The sides are 3 ½" high and the base is 5 ½" X 8". Any of our 8 X 12 Country-D© designs would look nice.
(Beginner) Retail: $3.00

Master Snow in the Pines Master Snow in the Pines.jpg (333704 bytes)


Mended Heart Basket

Base is 4 1/2" X 6" and height at handle is 8". Directions given for a stiffened material heart to be added on a middle weaver.
(Intermediate) Retail: $3.00

Moose in the Pines

The base is 9 3/4" X 4 3/4" and the basket is 10" tall.
(Intermediate) Retail: $3.00 (Moose Buckle: 4.25)

Mountain Swing Social Mountain Swing Social.jpg (144246 bytes)

The base is 15" X 9 1/2" and the basket is 4 1/2" tall.It makes a perfect basket for carrying a 9 X 13 casserole dish to those potluck dinners.  It uses the 10" Mtn. Swing handle with ears ($10.00)(Beginner/Intermediate) Retail: $3.00

My "Country" Basket

This basket has spokes and weavers of reed dyed one color. It uses a square notched handle. The basket is rimmed and lashed with pre-stained pieces. Two decorative rows of twined homespun material accent the sides. Directions for two sizes are given. One base is 5 3/4" X 8 3/4" with a height of 3 1/2". Little base is 4 3/4" X 7" with a height of 3".
(Beginner) Retail: $3.00

My Fall Tote


My Spring Tote


Newspapers & Magazines


Noah's Basket

Base is 12" X 5" and height is 10 1/2" at handle. It has an arched "like a rainbow" handle. Woven at the bottom of the sides are "waves" of #2 round reed dyed blue. Directions and patterns given for stiffened material animals to be attached two-by-two, of course, after the basket is complete. A material dove attached at the top of the handle. Unique design.
(Intermediate/Advanced) Retail: $3.00


The base is 7 ½" in diameter involving a wooden base and it sits on three wooden feet. The height is 14" including the handle and feet. Our Pine Tree Handle Dangle is suggested as an embellishment. (Intermediate) Retail: $3.00

Northwoods Pleasure Northwoods Pleasure.jpg (29636 bytes)

Base is 14" X 8" and height is 4 1/2" without the handle. The basket uses our 14 X 10 Northwoods Pleasure Country-D © handle.
(Intermediate) Retail: $3.00

Organizer Buddy


Pay These Bills Pay These Bills.jpg (168075 bytes)


Peanuts Basket


Pen/Pencil Grab Penpenc.bmp (133094 bytes)

This cute basket has a base of 2" X 3 1/2" and stands 4 3/4" at the back of the basket.  It uses our Mini Ceramic & Wire Handle on the back and an accent bow on the front.
Beginner/IntermediateRetail: $3.00

Picnic Helper


Pine Cone Cathead

The base is 6 1/2" X 6 1/2" and the height is 6". This basket has spokes and weavers of reed dyed one color, a cathead shape, and two of our large size ceramic & wire handles attached at the rim on opposite sides. It is rimmed and lashed with stained rim pieces and lasher.
(Intermediate) Retail: $3.00

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