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Plaid Candy Cane    picture

Plaid Odds and Ends Tote Plaid Odds & Ends Tote.jpg (116619 bytes)

The base on this basket is 6" X 6" and it stands 4" tall without the handle.  It uses our new spindle
base and is great for toting around the odds & ends in the four compartments.
Beginner/Intermediate Retail: 3.00 The spindle base is 14.50.

Pocket of Treasure Pocket Of Treasure.jpg (29619 bytes)

The base measures 9" X 3 1/2" and stands 8 1/2" without the handle.  An accent of color is used on the front along with our Heart Basket Pocket™.  Fill the pocket with your favorite potpourri!IntermediateRetail: $3.00

Rags To Riches

Base is 10" X 7" oval and height is 5". After basket is complete, some of the twining in the base is removed and some "rags" (cotton material) is woven in place of the twining. Gold 5mm beads are added to basket sides with round reed. Rim is a Gretchen border. No handle. (Intermediate/Advanced) Retail: $3.00

Ragtime Country Angel


Ragtime Diamonds jul14^17.jpg (95503 bytes)

The base is 10" X 10" with fillers and the height is 7 1/2" (w/o handle).  This basket is so "country" with a torn strip of material lashed around the basket rim after it is dry.  The diamonds on the sides are a bonus.
(Intermediate) Retail: 3.00

Ragtime Footed Storage 


Ragtime Lidded Storage 


Ragtime Oval Ragtime Oval.jpg (169781 bytes)


Ragtime Plaid Pouch


Ragtime Primitive Crow


Ragtime 'Round We Go


Red Hat Society Shopper Red Hat Society Shopper.jpg (256533 bytes)



The base is 6" X 8 ½". It uses our Country-D with Stars. This is a great "Americana" basket. (Beginner) Retail: $3.00

Rolling Pin Kitchen Baskets Rolling Pin Baskets.jpg (258594 bytes)


Ronda's Plaid Tote Ronda's Plaid Tote.jpg (207997 bytes)


'Round We Go 'Round We Go.jpg (23018 bytes)

The base is 6" in diameter and the height is 5" without the handle. It uses our 6 X 10 Country-D handle. (Beginner/Intermediate) Retail: $3.00

Rusty Birdhouses aug05^08.jpg (84684 bytes)

The basket has a 6" X 9" filled base and a height of 4" (w/o handle).  It uses our new 6 X 10 Rusty Country-D™ with birdhouses.|
(Beginner) Retail: 3.00  Handle: 4.85 each



Sierra Skye


Simply Twill Be Organized wpe3.jpg (4181 bytes)

This basket uses a 14 X 10 handle. The base is 14" X 10 ½". The sides are 4 ¾" high. A simple twill decorates the sides and a Gretchen border finishes the top. A narrow removable rectangular basket inside the bigger basket is very handy.
(Intermediate) Retail: $3.00

Snack Basket Image32.gif (38235 bytes)

Base is 6 3/4" in diameter and the height is 5". The basket has a pot-belly shape. Two of our medium size ceramic & wire handles are attached at the rim on opposite sides. A twined and braided shelf inside the basket at the rim holds a wooden lid. Four lid styles are available from us (with tree knob, with apple knob, with snowman knob, with watermelon knob) or you can make your own. (Intermediate) Retail: $3.00

Spindle Spin Susan


Spring Bucket Spring Bucket.jpg (97046 bytes)

Base is 4" X 9" and height is 6 1/2" with a filled base. Continuous weave with 1/4 flat. Uses large ceramic wire handle with "eyes". Curls of dyed 1/4 flat added to one long side.
(Intermediate) Retail: $3.00

Spring Has Sprung

The base is 6 ½" X 6 ½" and the height is 7" without the handle. A different simple flower is woven on each side.
(Intermediate) Retail: $3.00

Stars and Stripes on Legs S & S On Legs.jpg (18151 bytes)

This basket uses our large double-wire stars and stripes handle (Any large double wire handle looks nice.) The base is 3 X 3. The height is 9" including the legs and the handle. The sides are woven with alternate rows of ¼" red and ¼" natural. It looks like a fancy little wash tub!
(Beginner/Intermediate) Retail: $3.00

Stash the Trash


Step Right Up

The base is 8" X 5" and the basket is 7" tall
(Beginner) Retail: $3.00

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